Innocent Defendant (Korean)


“Definitely one of the highly-recommended Korean Dramas! Must watch!”

So, if you’re not a fan of romantic dramas and you are fond of watching action movies and detective-like series with matching touch of law, then this Korean drama is perfect for you!

I am not a fan of dramas like this one, but Innocent Defendant turned the table. I thought it was boring but after hearing all those good comments and recommendations, I chose to take the risk and spent almost 18 hours of my life to finish this one. Well, I slept though. I can’t stand watching a drama without sleep, unlike others.

So yes, back to the topic. This one is awesome and definitely a must watch. And oh, this will also make you cry for some reasons. Please be aware. 😉

Rating? Well, this deserves a 10/10. Have fun watching this!


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