Why We Did Not End Up Together


Even the shooting stars wonder why we did not end up together.

No. Actually, even my friends. They keep asking me why and I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t tell them how we ended up like this. I couldn’t tell them because I don’t even know why. To tell you honestly, I think I did everything to make you stay. I think, I did my best to change and adjust myself to be good enough for you. I think I did. I really did.

Now, even the shooting stars wonder why we did not end up together. I’ve been asking them to help us become stronger. I’ve been wishing to them to keep you closer. Whenever I see a shooting star, I think of you. I think of us. I think of all the things we used to talk about – traveling together, how many kids we want to have in the future, your plan of following me wherever I go, and everything. Every single thing. Every promise. But in just a blink of an eye, everything just disappeared.

Everything just vanished. I opened my eyes and you were already gone. I looked around and you weren’t there anymore. I looked up and saw how the sky turned gray. I looked down and saw how the earth turned dry..lifeless..dead. I tried to close my eyes and I convinced myself that it was just a bad dream. That you did not leave me. I took deep breaths and tried to calm myself down, but I couldn’t.

And as my eyes were closed, I remember everything.

The first time you cheated on me. The moment when I gave you another chance. Those days when you ignored me and days when I almost starved to death, thinking what went wrong. Those nights when I couldn’t help but cry and scream inside. Those nights when I couldn’t sleep, knowing you could be talking to someone else. Those days when you used to tell me you just want to relax and you don’t want to talk to me. Those special dates you forgot, including my birthday. Those random days when you used to call me and tell me how much you miss me and how much you’re willing to see me. Those nights when we used to watch a movie together even though we were apart.

I do. I still remember everything, most especially the second time you cheated on me. I caught you..for the second time. I couldn’t sleep and I kept asking myself what I did to deserve something like that. For days, you waited for my decision and yes, I gave you another chance. It was a stupid move. My friends hated me for doing that but I kept telling them it would be the last. I told them why I did that. I told them that I LOVE YOU.

Now. Do you already know why even the shooting stars wonder why we did not end up together? Because they know how much I’ve been through to keep you. They know how hard I tried to stay strong and to keep holding on. They know how hard I tried to save this relationship, and now that you said you just want to be alonethey wondered even more. I wish you knew how painful it was to be with you. Honestly, you are the worst guy that I have ever met. But that didn’t stop me from loving you and from hoping that one day you’ll change since I’ve always been here for you. But I guess, I already have a response to the shooting stars.

We did not end up together, because we were never meant to stay together forever. 

I guess that’s the only reason. Maybe I’ve never been good enough for you because I was never meant to be yours at all. Maybe the fate just played its game and it involved putting us together and separating us eventually after we learn how hard it is to stay with each other. Yes. Maybe were never really meant to be. Maybe there will never really be a happy ending for you and me.

But don’t worry.

We can still be friends. We can still talk. We can still share our dreams and goals and I won’t mind. I promise. I will still the same girl you used to know. You know why? Because I never changed, and I will never change..even if you already did.

Yes, we did not end up together..but I promise to be here for you forever.


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