As I was typing this post and listening to a sad song, my heart suddenly ached like it’s breaking into pieces. Pieces that I used to put back together. As far as I can remember, I put it back with all my strength, but maybe, the bond was not that strong enough to last a lifetime. Maybe my heart was meant to be broken again..because of the same reason. It has always been him.

Some people say that the truth will set us free. But why is it making me hold on like this? Isn’t it supposed to make me realize that I already have to go? Why is it prolonging the pain that I’m feeling? When will it stop? After some weeks? Months? Will it even take some years? Damn. What did I do to deserve this? :(((((((((((((((((((((((

Sorry about this post. I just want to release the tension that I’ve been feeling since a couple of days ago. It’s almost midnight and I can’t sleep yet. I badly need enough sleep right now. Help. T^T


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