Valentine’s Day

Everybody’s so excited about February 14 like it’s Christmas. Some people even feel bitter about not having a mate for that day. I even know some people who offer themselves to be “Valentine’s date” in exchange for money like HELL. ARE YOU THAT DESPERATE? Oh can’t blame them, but can’t deny the fact that some of them are really good-looking enough that if only I have enough money to rent them, I would! Kidding. But I guess people are looking at Valentine’s Day like it’s a compulsory to celebrate it with a special someone. But for me, no it’s not.

If Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate it with loved ones, then it’s okay to be single on that day. I mean, loved ones include family, right? So let’s not be bitter. Let’s be happy and enjoy that day with our special someones. In my case, I’d probably celebrate it with my co-interns, Auditors, and probably with my Mom. I’ve been doing that since I was a kid. Whenever it is Valentine’s Day, it’s either I’m single, or I’m in a really long distance relationship. It doesn’t matter to me at all. I’m not expecting any gift since I’m not materialistic, and I don’t even expect someone to sing a song for me. I just want that day to be a normal day, if possible, but I know it’s not since I’ll probably witness sweet acts around the office. Flowers and chocolates everywhere, oh no. Okay.

So, if you’re feeling bitter and you’re thinking of finding someone to date on V-Day, please don’t. Don’t be bitter and don’t make yourself look so desperate. Be happy and celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family. Okay? ^_____^


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