LAw Abiding Citzen


“Made me think how messed up Law can be.”


Those who get hurt usually seek for revenge and live in vengeance. They feel like someone has to pay back and that someone needs to learn his lesson for doing something against the other one. We usually think “If you made me suffer, you should suffer even more,” and then we do something to make it happen. We make them pay for what they did. We make them feel regret and grief. And so, without noticing it, we become worse than them.

Law Abiding Citizen is about a man who has lost his wife and daughter. Years after what happened to his family, he made the killers pay for what they did to his wife and daughter. He changed people’s lives and let them know what Law has to be and that Law should be taken seriously. He lived in agony and vengeance for so many years, and it changed him into someone who will do everything for the loved ones that he has lost.

Upon watching Law Abiding Citizen, I have realized a lot of things, not just about how a person’s life can be destructed, but also how messed up and life-changing Law can be. I also learned the importance of keeping your word to someone, most especially when you agreed to do something for that person.

All in all, I think the movie is very good and its plot is really awesome. I liked how the main characters carried themselves to make the movie more believable, interesting, and convincing. I love how the ending turned out and it’s not something that usually happens in movies like that.

I will give an 8/10 rating for this movie.


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