Goblin (Korean Drama)


Love is not about age, distance, a person’s identity, nor someone’s past. Love is about accepting a person in all aspects, because that’s what a lover is always supposed to do. Sometimes, it has something to do with how fate works, but fate can be annoying at times. It will make you go crazy. It will give you challenges you’d have to get through with before you can finally be with the person you love.

Goblin is a South Korean drama about a goblin, Kim Shin, who was punished by the divinity for more than 900 years. The punishment was bound to end once he meets his bride. Ji Eun Tak, who happens to be the goblin’s bride, met him when she turned 19, and that’s when it all started. Her mission is to end the goblin’s suffering by pulling out the sword that was stuck in Shin’s chest for almost a thousand years. Once she gets to remove it, Shin will finally be free and will return back to ashes. As they fell in love with each other, doing the mission seemed harder than they thought. This drama is also about the Grim Reaper, who pretended to be Kim Woo Bin by name, and Eun Tak’s boss, Sunny, who happened to be the reincarnation of King Wang Yeo and the Goblin’s sister, Kim Sun, the queen. Losing their memories made it difficult for them to live in peace, and as the Goblin and Grim Reaper meddled in the life and death of human beings, the turn of the wheel somehow changed.

And of course, for my comment about the drama, I just want to say that this drama is one of the best dramas I have ever seen. This drama is perfect! I love how it made me happy, sad, and crazy at the same time. The cast was also perfect, and everything was smooth. I love how the twists happened, and how the Goblin and the Grim Reaper got along so well in the drama. This drama made me feel in love, and it made me forget about the problems that I have. I really love this drama.

I might sound overacting but this drama deserves a 15/10 rating. Definitely a must watch!


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