“When she finally walked away, it wasn’t that she had stopped loving you. When she didn’t return your calls, it wasn’t that she didn’t miss you. What it meant was that she just couldn’t do it anymore..all the fighting..the crying..the countless nights she couldn’t sleep because all the nonsense you were putting her through emotionally was causing her to become sick physically. No. It wasn’t that she had stopped loving you, it was that she had finally realized you had stopped loving her.”

Mr. Amari Soul

This is definitely one of the best excerpts I have ever read from Mr. Amari Soul. He’s right. Just because a girl stops doing what she usually does doesn’t mean that she has lost her feelings to someone. It doesn’t mean that she had changed her mind and fell out of love. Sometimes, she’s just too fed up. Sometimes, it is just that she’s had enough of pain and heartbreaks. Maybe it was just too much to handle, and she can’t stand it anymore.

When a girl falls in love, she falls deeply. She does everything for the man that she loves. She gives what she can give. She fights until she loses strength. She doesn’t give up so easily but when she stops fighting, it’s not just because she’s tired. It’s because she can’t see any reason to keep on holding on. It could also be because the man she’s in love with, is not fighting for her anymore. That’s when she realizes she’s wasting her time and her effort, and most especially her life, for someone who doesn’t even know how to take care of her.

And when a girl feels that the man she’s in love with had already stopped loving her, she will start creating some distance and save herself from agony, not just because she’ll be in greater pain if she stays, but because it’s a sign that’s it is not worth fighting anymore. That’s what all girls should do – know when to stop. Respect yourself and stop running after someone who doesn’t even know how to give importance. Be strong enough to walk away and never look back again. Be strong enough to keep on moving without thinking about staying and making yourself feel worse. You deserve better. You deserve someone who will always be there to make you feel how blessed you are to have him, not how unlucky you are to meet someone like him.


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