Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


“Magnificent. Extraordinary. A must watch!”

Being peculiar is not something that someone should be ashamed of. When you’re peculiar, yes, some people might not accept you. Some people might even push you away. Some people might even shut you out. Those are the disadvantages of being a peculiar.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is originally a book written by Ransom Riggs, which was made into moving picture in 2016. It is a story about a boy named Jake, who was taken by fate, into an abandoned children’s home in Welsh Island. In that home, he met the people who were just once a part of his grandfather’s bedtime story. There, he found out that he was also a peculiar child with the ability to see Hollowgasts. Among all the peculiar beings, he is the only one who can see the Hollows. But of course, a story will not be complete without the antagonists. And in this story, Barron is the main bad guy. He was a scientist who wanted to be immortal by using the power of the Ymbrynes. Unfortunately, their first attempts were not successful, transforming them into hollows. Together with his colleagues, they hunted for the eyes of the peculiar children to regain their true appearance, but through Jake’s help, their hunt was put into an end.

For me, this movie is so fantastic. The whole movie itself is awesome. I love how the distinction of every peculiar child was shown in the movie. I have found this movie authentic in some sense, because in other books and movies, the main character always ends up as the strongest and the most powerful. But in this movie, Jake was not the most powerful among all the peculiar children in Miss Peregrine’s Home. AND I LOVE IT. It’s not cliche like other movies, and that’s what makes this movie different in a good way. This is a must watch! 🙂

Rating? 9/10. This movie deserves a rate like that!


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