Dear 2016

Now that 2017 has come, I would like to leave a message to 2016, which unfortunately is the worst year of my life so far. Well, I did not expect that, seriously. Okay, let me address this one to 2016. Excuse me for a moment.

Dear 2016,

Thank you for everything. Thank you for all the pain that you’ve given me. You have taught me a lot of things that I will never ever forget. Wanna know what those things are?

Last January 2016, my relatives were involved in an accident. They were 7 in the car, and were hit by 2 vehicles. Luckily, all of them survived, and the luckiest ones were the infants – one was 4 month-old, and the other one was a one-month old. Thank you for saving all of them. But I hate you for making it happen to them. They were supposed to attend a wedding with us the day after, but you made them suffer. I know that it’s not your fault that it happened in your year, but I don’t know who to blame so sorry.

July 2016. It was the month when I met him. I fell in love with him (you know who that is), but I never thought I would ever fall in love with that guy. Seriously, 2016. What is wrong with you? Why did you let our paths cross? Yes, you made me happy, but the following months have never been easy. And in this month, he broke my heart when he denied having me, as his girlfriend. It broke my heart into pieces. I wish you know how it feels like to be denied to someone. But oh, crap. He asked for another chance and I gave him that. I was too stupid, right? Say yes, please.

August 2016. This month started so fine, until its latter weeks came. You made me suffer, 2016. You made me experience waiting in vain. You broke my heart into pieces. You made me wait for good morning messages and even good night ones, and there were times when I didn’t receive any, and that lasted until September 2016. It has never been that difficult, trust me. I have never experienced that in my whole life. Thank you for teaching me how to wait, and how to be numb. Thank you.

October 2016. Some of the readers might think that the suffering has already ended in this month, but it didn’t. It even got worse. We got ourselves into cold fights, I cried for so many nights, and oh, it started on September 2016, and I cried for almost a month. During this month, I lost weight, lost appetite, lost my mind, and got lost in the world of sadness. Sad movies and sad music became my bestfriends. I drowned myself into sadness, hoping that you’d actually notice it and care about it, but unfortunately you didn’t. He even asked for a cool off, and I agreed at some point, then disagreed after a minute and just decided to break up with him. It was October 23. I can still remember how I was able to breathe myself out. I felt so relieved and broken at the same time.

November and December 2016 weren’t so easy too. There were times when I found myself in tears every night, without knowing the reason behind it. Or maybe I knew why I cried during those nights, but I just decided not to think about it. I thought it would be easy, but it didn’t go well too. Well, the latter parts of December gave me a chance to recover and regain my old self back, but I knew it wouldn’t last that long. Facebook pages like NO ONE CARES, POEMS PORN, SADNESS AND AGONY, LOVE AND HAPPINESS, JUST MY THOUGHTS, DEEP SNAPS, TRUTH SLAP, and pages of the famous authors, Mr. Amari Soul, Lang Leav, and Michael Faudet, have been my greatest resorts when I was feeling down. Check my Facebook search bar and it will show you that I am telling the truth. I’ve read their sad posts and reacted with sad emoticons, and it somehow made me feel better.

Now that 2017 replaced you, I still want to thank you for what you did to me.

You taught me a lesson about not giving up. My relatives have been through a difficult time, and you did not let them give up. You gave them strength and power to recover. You made us stronger.

You taught me a lesson about love – That meeting a wrong person is not bad at all, because that person will leave lessons that will help me become a better lover and partner to the next person I’d fall in love with.

You taught me to be stronger and more patient. When I was having a very bad time because of him, you helped me hold on and stand firm for myself. You helped me realize that I don’t deserve to be treated like that. You helped me open my mind and my heart, and made me care for myself even more. Thank you.

Thank you for everything. Yes, you are the worst year of my life, but you are the year that has taught me with the most number of lessons that I know, someday, would help me become a better Mika. I won’t forget you, 2016. Thank you for making me braver and better. I still love you after all. Good bye!


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