“A must watch for those who judge too much.”

Accept it. Whatever you do, you can never change the worlds. Some people were born to be judgmental, and that’s something you can’t change. Do something wrong, they will judge you. Do something right, they will ignore you and look for something to destroy you. Some people come to our lives to bring us down, and it is our duty to stand up for ourselves and fight for what we believe in.

Zootopia is an animated film about a rabbit, Judy Hopps, who wanted to be a police officer when she was still young. She is small, not as big as other police officers, and someone who was said to be incapable of reaching her dreams. She used to be bullied by a fox who told her that she will never be what she wants herself to be. As she tried her best and ignored what other people had to say, she became a police officer. But since she was smaller than anybody else, she was assigned in a task that was not something she would’ve ever wanted. But when she volunteered to help a citizen, she got a chance to be a real police officer and worked hard on a case with her fox friend, Nick Wilde.

This movie is something that will give lesson to watchers, most especially to kids, about not judging other people too much. This is perfect for those who usually bring other people down just because they are superior and stronger than them. What I love about this movie is its story, the attitude of each movie character, the lessons, and most especially the realization that it has given me. I like this film and I think that this should be more suggested to young watchers, because I believe that someone’s attitude depends on that person’s upbringing, which mainly starts during early age. Perfect for kids and adults!

I will rate it with 7/10. Fair rate from someone who doesn’t usually watch animated films.


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