“Makes me hope for a Part 2.”

Straight to the point again, folks. Well, I loved this movie. It made me want to shout and scream for the main character. And oh, I hate Maggie. I hate her for being so playful and powerful. She should’ve died! 😀 Kidding. Well I want to see a Part 2 of this one. I wonder what will happen to Maggie in the next part. She’s damn strong. I thought it was all done when the guy jumped out of the window, but wow! Maggie surely loves sticking to someone else’s body. I wonder what could push her away.

This movie is good enough for me. I love watching horror films so I loved this one when I watched it last night. A must watch for those who love watching movies related to demonic possession and the likes.

Rating? 8/10.


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