The Autopsy of Jane Doe



Straight to the point again..well, I am the type of person who prefers bloody films and horror films over kissing scenes and romantic moments in romantic movies, so I chose to watch this before the end of Christmas Day, and I guess I made a good choice.

When I watched the trailer, it didn’t seem interesting to me. But when I got to watch it and see the whole film, it felt so satisfying though it didn’t give me much chills. This movie is not as terrifying as Insidious, but it made me pull out my earpods to avoid hearing any scary sounds from the film, an indication that it somehow scares me at some point.

To sum it up, if you want horror films, this movie is a good one, but not as good as other horror films you got to watch before. Don’t compare though. 😀 Let me rate it with 7/10. I guess it’s fair enough.


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