Suicide Squad



Let me just get it straight to the point. No intro, no decors, nothing but pure comment.

I like this movie. This is the perfect movie to make people realize that even bad guys can do something good, not just in movies, but in real life. Most people are always after the good guys, the heroes and heroines,  and even hate the villains like they know what made them do bad things or whatever. What I’m trying to point out is this movie could be fictional in some ways, but it has moral lessons which everybody could use in real life. Don’t judge the villains. They could also be heroes.

What I like the most about this movie is the versatility of the cast. They were able to create impression on the characters that they were told to portray. Trust me, there are actors and actresses in other movies who are not good enough to convince me with their expressions, but this movie got me, most especially the characters of Harley..the girl with so much love for Joker. Depicts a true-to-life scenario of a girl, falling hardly in love with someone, doing everything for that guy even if it could mean sacrificing her own life.

So, yes. I like this movie. Must watch after all! 🙂 Well, let me rate it with 8/10.


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