11:11 Wishes

I don’t know why life is complicated most of the time, but one’s thing is for sure. It is the way it is, because we are bound to learn from its complexity. Life will be boring if it’s simple and if there’s no challenge at all. And with this fact, some people are trying to think of ways on how to get away with life’s complexities.

11:11 Wishes

Have you ever tried it? There’s this moment when you look at your phone or your watch to see if it’s already 11:11 AM or PM. then when that times comes you cross your fingers then wish for something you want to happen. Crazy. But I admit I’ve done that. 90% of my wishes every 11:11 went real, but there was this moment when I realized that it was all because I worked hard for it. Wishes are nothing without effort. Wishes can’t come true if you will just wait for it to happen. Make something. Do something. Don’t sit back, relax, and just believe in 11:11. If you want something, do everything that you can to make it happen. Put some effort into it.

But if it so happens that you wish and add effort, and still nothing happens, then maybe the thing or happening that you’ve been asking for is never meant for you to have. If that’s the case, deal with it. We don’t always deserve everything that we want to have. Sometimes, we are blessed with less, or blessed with more. That’s life. That’s why life is complicated. We can’t always have what we wish for. And we can’t always be the person we wish ourselves to be. Still, don’t wait for 11:11. Go ahead and make your own future. It’s in your hands, not in the clock’s hands.


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