“Sometimes, pain is all you need to be stronger.”

Life and love are both playful. They make us happy and sad at the same time, or make us laugh and cry, and even survive each day or die. It depends on how we handle our problems, and most especially our emotions. When life knows that we are strong, it gives us more challenges. When love knows that we can bear heartbreaks, it gives us more pain. Have you ever noticed that? That when we show and prove how strong we are, we tend to receive more challenges in life. Well that’s because every pain is intended to make us more vulnerable. Every sad moment is intended to make us appreciate happiness even more. Every downfall happens for us to learn how to stand up again..alone..with no one.

The only sad part when you’re sad is that moment when all you can ask yourself is, “Until when do I have to get through this?” or “What have I done to deserve all this kind of pain?” Just be thankful. Believe me, after your downfall, you’ll be a better person. You’ll be braver. You’ll be smarter. You’ll be stronger.

Dear Li, I’m stronger now. I know it’s hard to believe in, but now that we don’t talk at all, I’m able to give more time to more important things, and to myself. Now, I can last a day without thinking about you. I can sleep without expecting any message from you. I’m stronger now, and that’s good news, right? I’ll get through you one day. Definitely. But for now, let me miss you a little. Just a little. Tomorrow, I won’t think about you. I will do my best to make it through.


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