Finding Dory


“Sometimes, you need to be lost for you to be strong enough to find your way back.”

Memory loss. For me, it is one of the hardest and toughest conditions any being could ever have. For someone to forget about things, most especially important ones, memory loss will never be easy to cope up with. And what’s harder is being lost and having no idea where you came from and what you would do to survive.

Finding Dory is a Pixar animated film following the famous movie, Finding NemoThis movie is about Dory, a fish who has short-term memory loss. With her condition, she got lost under the sea, where she grew up and met Marlin and Nemo, and sadly..without her parents. Since she could not remember anything about her parents and what she does most of the time, it took her some years to realize she has lost her family. With her friends, she searched through the sea and even through the human world, to find her parents. Will she ever find her Mom and Dad? Just watch the film if you haven’t seen it.

I’m not really fond of animated films, but something urged me to watch this film, so I did. I enjoyed the film, it is just that I found some parts to be boring since I’m already 20 and I don’t watch animated films that much nowadays. So basically, there’s nothing wrong with the film. It’s just me and my old body. Okay. The movie is cute, and it gives everyone a lesson – NEVER GIVE UP. Or if anyone has any plan of giving up, it may be because that person has some valid and understandable reasons. Giving up should never be in someone’s vocabulary, unless, the instances tell you to give it all up. But as much as possible, don’t. There will always be a way for us to survive.

Okay. So let me give this one a 7.5/10 rating.I guess it’s fair enough.


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