Heaven’s Postman (Korean)


“Made me think that angels are real.”

Some people say that angels are real, and that every human being is assigned with a guardian angel, and I believe that. It’s not just because I’m a catholic, but because there were instances which can prove that in some ways. There’s no harm in believing that angels truly exist. What could harm someone is the act of depending too much in the belief of their existence, and doing nothing to protect oneself.

Heaven’s Postman, also known as Postman to Heaven, is a South Korean movie about an angel who was assigned to deliver mails to heaven. He picks up the mails from a certain mailbox, reads every letter and filters it, and delivers each letter to whoever it was written for. Only those who are in pain of losing someone, can see him. As he worked, he met a girl, who was grieving over her dead ex-boyfriend, and he even fell in love with her. The girl couldn’t believe about his identity, but as they spent days together, she believed him, and even wanted to be like him in exchange for money. But things got harder when she started working with him, and a time came when the angel had to leave the girl, as they broke a major rule.

This movie is so surreal. But it made me wonder what if it really happens – an angel delivers mails to dead people. Wow. Just wow. If that really happens in this world, then the dead souls will never feel sad in heaven. Couldn’t say more about this one. It’s a good movie, but it didn’t touch my heart that much.

Let me rate it with 7/10. Fair enough, I guess.


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