“Breath-taking, awesome, cool, and definitely a must watch.”

Life is a game. It’s either you’re a player or a watcher. When you’re a player, you accept the challenges of life and everything that you have to face, including all the misfortunes and dares of life. When you’re a watcher, you just watch how other people live, dare them, and even give them challenges that they don’t deserve, but you think they do. And if life’s a game, sometimes you always win, sometimes you lose, because that’s how life’s game goes. It’s unpredictable, full of surprises and challenges.

NERVE is a movie starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco. The movie is about Nerve, which is a game where you choose between being a player or a watcher. If you choose to be a player, you will be dared by the watchers, and there will be prize in the end if you will complete every dare. And of course, when you’re a watcher, you just watch and dare, and even spend money to make a player do something. Whoever gets most number of watchers and completes difficult dares, comes to the final round. And because fate is too playful, Venus and Ian were teamed up by the watchers, making them face the dares together.

This movie is so amazing, that the dares will freak you out and make you want to scream and cheer for the players. I’m not really into movies like this one, but I honestly liked it! I would like to recommend this to you guys, so please do watch this one when you have time. Thanks!

Oh wait. Let me rate it with 9/10. Watch it, okay? 🙂


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