Lights Out


“Horrifying, but not too much.”

I love watching horrible movies. It feels so good watching something with unpredictable ending. Like, when you’re watching, you’ll never know what’s going to happen next. Unlike in romantic films where in you know that two humans will meet and fall in love, and there will be jealousy and problems that will be encountered by both of them, then they will break up with each other and one day they’ll meet again and fall in love with each other for the second time around, then they will live happily ever after. In horror films, you’ll never know who’s going to survive in the end of it will just end up with no survivors. That’s what makes horror films authentic.

Lights out is a horror film about Martin, his sister – Rebecca, and their Mom – Sophie, who are being haunted by Diana, a being who only appears when the lights are out. Sophie met Diana when she was being treated for her depression. Since Diana thought that Sophie and her are friends, she decided not to leave her, and not even until Sophie had her kids. And with her decision of not leaving Sophie, she bothered every person around her so called bestfriend.

This movie is horrifying because of the sound effects and unexpected scenes, but it didn’t really freak me out like any other horror films. The plot was great but it lacks something, that’s all I can say. I can still say that this movie is a must watch, but please don’t expect too much! 🙂

Let me rate it with 6.5/10. Not bad at all.


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