More than Blue (Korean)


“Heartbreaking. Broke my heart into pieces.”

There are times when we feel like we can’t be loved by the people we love. Most of the time we just choose to hide whatever we feel, because we think that it’s the best thing to do. We hide not because we think that we don’t deserve to be loved back, but because we know we’re not good enough for someone..or worst is, because we know we can’t always be there for the person we love.

More than blue is a Korean film that was shown last 2009. It is a film about a guy, Kay, who has been diagnosed with cancer. His case was in terminal level when he met a composer, a girl who lived with him under the same roof. He fell in love with her so deeply, but he knew he can’t always be there for her. He wanted to make her happy, so he tried his best to find a great guy for her, and fortunately, he found a good man, who was currently engaged by the time he met the girl. The engagement was called off by his fiancee as Kay begged her to break off the engagement in exchange for something. He wanted the guy to marry the girl he loves so much. He did everything for her, because he knew he will leave her soon because of cancer. And..I can’t tell more. Just watch it.

At first, I thought that the movie will be boring since it was a movie from 2009 and the quality was not even good enough compared to other films nowadays, and it is understood why. In total, the movie touched my heart so much, that it made me cry for a couple of times. I was in a really sad mood when I watched it, and I felt like it was the perfect time to release the emotions and tears that I have been keeping these past few days. I guess it was a good idea when I searched for sad Korean films. Sad movies have always been my favorite, most especially when I want to cry. So yes! It was a really really really great movie.

Let me rate it 9/10. Definitely a must watch! ❤


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