Don’t Be Weak

You have to be strong. You can’t stay weak all the time. You can’t just let them tear you down. You were born to live for yourself and not for them. You were born to rule over your life. You were born to be happy. Don’t be weak.

Be strong enough to stand for yourself. Be strong enough to stop holding on. Be strong enough to let people go if they are not doing their part in your life. You can’t always say “It’s okay. I’ll be okay.” Don’t be too dumb. Again, don’t be weak.

Be strong enough to walk away ’cause you can’t always stay. If they’re trying to push you away, go away. You don’t deserve them, and they don’t deserve you. You need to love and to be loved with all of someone’s heart. Be strong enough to find the right one and to leave the wrong one. Don’t be weak.

Yes, it will hurt for some days, weeks, and even months and years, but it would be worth it. It would be worth the wait.


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