We all have that one friend who makes our life meaningful. One day, we’ll meet them, know them, have fun with them, and spend the rest of our lives with them. They will give us lessons to treasure forever, and memories to remember. But not all of the friends that we meet will stay forever. Some of them will find new friends; some of them will just change and leave us; and most of them will just disappear like it’s just easy to dump us. Because that’s life. Everyone leaves. Everyone changes. Just be thankful that you met your friends for once in your life.

The BFG is a film from the very famous children’s book by Roald Dahl, and illustrated by Quentin Blake. The story is about a girl named Sophie, an orphaned girl who met a very mysterious being, whom she called Big Friendly Giant (BFG). The giant took her to his homeland, Giant Country, where the other giants are living with him. Sophie and BFG became really good friends and stayed together for some time, but the struggle that they faced was quite real, since the other giants in the Giant Country, eat humans like Sophie. BFG tried his best to keep her away from danger, and he even thought of bringing her back to the orphanage, but Sophie didn’t want to leave him.

The film is so inspiring. It shows what friendship is about – sticking together through good and bad times. It has been so hard for BFG to let the girl go, but he knew that they couldn’t stay together forever. Just like in real life, sometimes, we ought to think that when you care about someone, you should not let that person go no matter what happens. IT’S WRONG. Letting go doesn’t always mean forgetting. Sometimes, we just let go because there are people who are not meant to be together. And sometimes, just because we let someone go doesn’t mean we cannot see that person again. Distance doesn’t matter when you care for each other. Just like Sophie and BFG, even if they had to be apart, they still make each other feel each one’s presence. BFG can hear Sophie’s whisper, and it makes it easy for them to stay in each other’s heart, despite the distance between them.

For this movie, I am willing to give it a 9/10 rating. I loved it!


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