Sausage Party


“You can’t always trust what people say.”

Why do we exist? Why are we in this world? What is our purpose? Sometimes we ask these to ourselves, right? But it’s so hard to find the answers. Sometimes we feel like we don’t have a purpose. We feel like we exist for nothing. But we exist for something.

Sausage Party is an adult computer-animated comedy film about a sausage named Frank, who tried to discover the truth about his existence. Together with his friends in Shopwell’s Supermarket, they started a journey to discover what lies in the place they call Great Beyond, which is a place where the humans (their Gods) live. Frank tried to prove to his friends that the humans are not their friends, and that they will just kill them in the end. At first, all the foods in the supermarket did not believe him, until some of his new friends from the Great Beyond, helped him prove it to them.

This movie is R-16, meaning, the kids cannot watch it, and since I am almost 20 years old, I guess it was fine when I tried to finish it. There were some sexual scenes at the end of the movie, so I just looked away. Kidding. I watched it. I was chatting with someone while I was watching it, so I guess I wasn’t that hooked up to that film.

For this, I’m gonna give it a 6/10 rating. Fair enough.


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