When She Changes

Change is inevitable. Change changes everything – most people and feelings. Whatever you do, whenever you try, change will always be there. It might not be a big deal for you, but for someone else, it is.

Ignore someone, and that person will think that she’s not important to you. She will always expect you to ignore her or her feelings. She will assume that you will always neglect her, and treat her like she doesn’t even exist. And that, my dear boy, will change her. She will not ask for your attention again. She will not do anything for you anymore. And worst that might happen is, she might learn how to live without you.

Cheat on someone, and that person will that you can never be trusted again. She will always assume you’re talking to someone else whenever she’s not around. She will think that you found somebody else. She will have sleepless nights, wondering if you still remember her, or if you’re thinking about someone else. And that, my dear boy, will change her. She might stop caring about who you talk to everyday. She might stop asking you if you’re chatting with somebody other than her. Worst? She might even look for someone better than you, like what you did when all she ever did was love you.

Hurt her, and she will start to feel like she doesn’t deserve to be happy. She will think that you don’t care about her feelings anymore. She will think that you are being selfish and that you only think about yourself and your own feelings. She will put in her mind, that whatever she does, she won’t be happy again. And that, dear boy, will change her the most. She will try her best to take care of herself. She will change for the better and avoid caring about you. She will try to move on and have fun without you. And worst of all? She might even realize that you’re an a-hole, and that the worst part of her life was when she met you.

And when she does these changes, you will never acknowledge her again. You will never see the same person you fell in love with. You will never be taken care of like what she did to keep you. And worst? You might not be able to meet someone as good a her in the future. She could possibly be the best you would ever have, so treasure her. Don’t make her change, or in the end, you will just find yourself livingĀ alone.


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