You Will Miss Her

When a girl falls in love, she’s giving her all. She gives all the love she can give. She cares like she needs to take care of you. She understands you because she thinks she needs to. She accepts you because she loves you. When a girl falls in love, she falls deep. Deep to the point that whenever she gets hurt, you wouldn’t notice it. Deep to the point that when she’s breaking, you’ll never know unless you ask about it.

And when a girl falls in love so deep, and one day you decide to leave her alone, she will break into pieces..pieces that will be hard for anyone to put back together. Pieces that will define her – broken, ignored, taken for granted.

The problem with a girl who falls in love so deep is the fact that no matter how broken she is, and no matter how you made her cry, once she realizes she still loves you, she will still accept you. She will still hug you tight and say, “It’s okay.”  But once she realizes that it’s enough, and you promise to put back all the broken pieces, she won’t accept you anymore. And in that case, I’m sure you’ll miss her.

You’ll miss the way she makes you smile. You’ll miss how she tries so hard to make you happy when you’re feeling down. You’ll miss the way she makes you laugh when you’re not in the mood. You’ll miss how she makes funny faces just to put a smile on your face. You’ll miss her efforts..efforts, not all woman can give.

You’ll miss everything about her. The morning messages she used to send to wake you up. The calls she used to make to check on you. The video calls that she used to do just to see you when she misses you. You will miss everything that she used to do for you.

And if you don’t want to miss her, don’t let her go. Don’t let her feel like she’s not important to you. Don’t let her feel like she’s alone. Don’t make her wait for you for hours, for days, for months. Don’t forget to check on her. Don’t wait for her to give up.

She’s a girl. She’s a human. She gets hurt. She feels pain.And most importantly, she’s a girl who loves you so much. Not all girls can do the same things she does for you. You might find someone better than her physically, but you will never find someone who will love you unconditionally..again. Love her, take care of her, and show it to her.


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