One Day

One day, I met someone. He’s been a very big part of me. He made me feel so special. He made me feel loved. He made me feel like I’m not alone. He made me feel like he will always be there, and that I could get used to having him around.

One day, he told me that he loves me. He told me that he will take care of me, do everything for me, and even told me that he wants to end up with me. I believed him. I even loved him too. Until now, I still do.

One day, I felt like I’m losing him little by little. He started losing time for me. He started ignoring my messages. He started living his own life without me. He started breaking his promises..and I started feeling alone.

One day, I felt like I’m losing myself. I started feeling like I am hurting my pride..and that I’m letting him tear every part of me..into half..into pieces..into nothing.

And to you, my dear love, I know that ONE DAY..

..I will wake up with a smile..

..I will forget about how I met you..

..I will forget all the times when you told me that you love me.. will be okay if I lose you..

..and I know one day, I will find myself again – stronger, fiercer, and brighter.

And if one day we meet again and you’d smile at me, don’t worry. I will still smile at you like I used to. And I hope that if happens, I won’t fall for you..again.


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