When You Lose Her

It’s hard to find a faithful man, but it’s definitely harder to look for a good woman. In this world with so much infidelity and promises meant to be broken, it will not be easy for a man to find a woman that will always be there for him. A woman, strong enough to get through the infidelity issues in a relationship. A woman, brave enough to see her man with someone else. A woman, faithful enough to stay in a relationship full of lies and hopelessness. But if you are a man, and you met the kind of woman I am talking about, then I must say, You’re a lucky man. It’s hard to find that kind of woman, believe me.

How did a strong woman become strong?

She’s been through a lot. When a woman experiences any kind of emotional pain, she takes it with her wherever she is. She keeps it inside and use it to make herself strong. She uses it as a guide to have a better foundation of her emotional state. She saves it like a memory and locks it inside her heart, so whenever she feels the same kind of pain, she’ll say, “I’ve been through this, and I will get through it again. I know how.”

She’s been pulled down by someone. She might have experienced being put down by the person she trusted so much. She might have experienced being broken by the same person for triple times and even more than that. And with all the downfalls..she had learned how to fight for herself. She had learned how to stand up without the help of anyone. She had learned how to fight alone. She had realized her worth. And that makes her stronger enough to hold on and to avoid anyone to pull her down again.

She’s been in your situation. She used to hurt someone. She used to break someone’s heart into pieces. She used to make someone cry. Or maybe, she also used to give the same kind of pain you’ve been giving her for quite some time now. Now, she knows how it feels like to be cheated on. She knows why you have to do that.  She knows why you keep on hurting her, yet she still holds on, because she knows your reason.

When you lose her, that doesn’t mean she’s not strong enough to hold on a little longer. It only means that you’ve tested her strength too much, and now she’s out of it. She’s been strong for your relationship, and you didn’t even help her get through it.

When you lose her, it would be hard to have her back. She will feel like you don’t deserve to have her again. She will feel like you will only give her the same kind of ending. She will feel like you just want to play with her heart again. Remember, a broken heart is the hardest one to mend.

And when you lose her, it will be hard to find someone who’s as strong as her. You are only given one chance to meet someone like her. Someone who’s strong enough to hold onto you. Someone who’s brave enough to keep you. Someone who’s invulnerable enough to fight for you. And someone who’s selfless enough to let you go when you ask her to.

Don’t lose her. Because when you let yourself lose that woman, it’s like losing everything, and that’s not something you would do, if you are a real man.


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