Reflections of A Man


“Only few men can understand how a woman feels.”

It’s not easy to understand how a girl feels. It might take a guy some years to finally say..

I know what’s wrong with her. Trust me, I understand her.

Not all guys have patience. Not all guys are willing to know every girl’s dictionary. Like, when we say “I’m okay” and we sound serious, we’re not really okay. When we say “Do whatever you want” that means we want you to avoid doing something. When we say “It’s okay if we don’t talk” we are hoping for you to say No. We will talk.

Yes we are weird, and I won’t deny about it. But if a guy really loves a girl, he will understand her, right? He will do anything to cope up with the sudden changes of her emotion. He will not do anything that will make her mad. He will not say something that will make her feel bad. Right?

Reflections of A Man which was written by Mr. Amari Soul talks about relationships, how a girl usually feels when her guy does something, how to deal with a girl’s emotions, and things that will surely wake every man and woman’s mind. It’s a book that will embrace every girl’s heart with comfort and strength. It’s a book that every brokenhearted individual needs. It’s a book that will make someone realize how long she’s been wasting her time, her effort, and her love to the person she thought, is the right one.

I love this book so much, that I tried my best to finish it as fast as I can, without stopping. I was able to meet the end of the ebook after more than an hour and a half of reading it with my whole heart and my mind. I felt so relieved after reading the book, and I realized that I’ve been hurting myself for quite some time now. The advice for me was to let go and just move on, and just love myself, but I know that it’s not that easy to do that. Letting go is not as easy as getting a haircut, which I know that my hair would eventually grow back after some months. No. Letting go requires someone to have some real strength. 10% is not enough. Even 20%. Sometimes, letting go requires 100% strength to be done. And I don’t have that kind of strength as of now. I really don’t. I wish I could gather some strength soon.

For this book, I can give 100/10 rating. Seriously. This book is amazing and is a must read!


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