When She Gets Tired

She’s always there for you..When you’re down, she raises you up. When you’re up, she cheers for you and supports you with all her heart. She sees when you’re tired, and she tries to calm you down. She sees when you’re in pain, and wishes the pain to bother her instead of you. She see’s when you need a shoulder to cry on..ears to listen to your sentiments..eyes to see how pained you are..and a heart to share your sadness with, and she gives everything that you need.

But what about you?

Were you there when she needed you? Were you there when she was crying every night, thinking of you? Were you there with her when she felt down? Were you even aware of the success she had because of you? Did you even know how she gave you time even when she was tired? Did you even ask if she was ever in pain? Have you ever asked if she needed a shoulder to cry on? Have you ever listened to her sentiments? Have you seen and felt the sadness she was feeling? Did you give her everything that she needed?

One day, she will get tired of understanding you. She will realize how you have taken her for granted..how selfish you were to only think about yourself..how you ignored her feelings..her sacrifices.

She will eventually learn from her mistakes. She will learn to think about herself instead of others. She will learn to make herself happy. She will learn to stand up on her own. She will learn how to be strong without anyone around her.

And when she gets tired..you’ll see. You’ll see how hard it is to live without her. You’ll see how difficult it is to stand up without anyone. You’ll see how lucky you were because of her. You’ll realize what you’ve lost..and that you’ve lost a diamond. You’ve lost a star. You’ve lost everything..something you might never have again.


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