The Tower


“Breathtaking, adventurous, and definitely mind-blowing.”

If there’s one thing no man can control, it is a catastrophe. Whatever we do, we can never control the fortuitous events that are bound to happen in certain places. All we can do is try our best to save ourselves and keep our faith whenever calamities happen.

The Tower is a South Korean film which is inspired by the 9/11 bombing that happened to the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in the United States of America. In the movie, the twin towers  were named Tower Sky, which is a luxury residential building in Korea. As people are celebrating Christmas in the tower with their loved ones, a terrible disaster happened. It all started when at the middle of the Christmas party, the helicopters spraying snow outside the building, were blown away by a very strong wind, causing the helicopters to hit the Tower Sky. Every person in the building did everything to escape and save themselves, and it even took some people’s lives to be sacrificed for the sake of the majority. And despite the circumstance that happened on Christmas Day, the survivors enjoyed not just that special day, but also their survival.

This movie made me scream and say “Run!”, “No! Don’t go that way!”, and even “Shit!” Seriously, this movie is so breathtaking, most especially when it comes to scenes where the main characters need to run for their lives while there are falling debris and explosions everywhere.

This movie is definitely worth watching. And since this wasn’t able to keep my attention from start to the end, I guess 9/10 is fair enough for a rating. Still, this is a great movie.


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