Beauty Inside


“It’s not about how someone looks, but how that person makes you feel.”

As everybody’s line goes..People and feelings change. Today, she could be the most beautiful girl in the world, but years from now, her beauty will fade, making you feel like she was not the girl you fell in love with few years ago. It’s not about how someone appears when you first met him or her. It’s about how that person makes you feel from the moment you met him or her, until you live together forever.

Beauty Inside is a Korean film about a guy, Woo Jin, a furniture designer, who wakes up with a different face everyday. It all started on his 18th birthday, when he woke up with a face of a mister. The following days, he woke up with new faces – faces he has never seen. There are days when he wakes up as a girl, as a normal guy, as a kid, and even as an old man. One day, he met a girl, Yi Soo, from a furniture store. As he falls in love with her, he started visiting the store everyday, and yes, with different faces. He waited for the perfect time to introduce himself to her, and that was the time when he woke up with a face of a good-looking guy. And because he wanted to get to know her more, he tried not to sleep and stayed awake for consecutive days. They fell in love with each other, but the fact that Woo Jin wakes up with a different face everyday served as a hindrance to their relationship.

This movie showed something different; something unusual. It perfectly showed how important UNDERSTANDING is in a relationship. The movie made it clear that a person’s appearance is not important when it comes to keeping the bond between lovers. Awesome. Good plot, good story, and amazing characters — Beauty Inside has it all.

For this movie, I am willing to give an 8/10 rating. Fair enough for a good movie.


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