Don’t Cry Mommy


“Full of emotion and power. Definitely worth watching if you love your parents.”

A mother will do everything for her child, whenever she needs to, whatever it takes, even if it takes doing something against the law. A mother will always be there to protect her child with the best that she can. She will never care about the consequences, just to fight for her child.

This movie is about a teenager, Eun Ha, whose parents have just divorced. As she has gone to her new school, she fell in love with her classmate, Jo Han, whom she thought was nice. One night, as she wanted to show her feelings to him by giving him a present, she met him at the rooftop of their school building at 10pm. Little did she know, Jo Han’s friends, Joon and Min Goo, were also there to do something to Eun Ha. As they raped her, Jo Han was there to take a video of what happened at the rooftop. Soo Min, Eun Ha’s friend was also there, but she did not stand as a witness because she was warned by the guys. And because the guys who raped the poor girl are still minors, they were not punished by the law. As they were living outside the prison, they were able to rape Eun Ha for the second time, because they threatened her that they will post the video online, and that made everything worse and out-of-hand.

This movie made me cry a lot. The scenes were all intense and it even made me say, “Damn. Hit him! Stab him! Kill him!” There were scenes which were really painful and mind-blowing. I even wanted to get inside the movie and kill all of the guys who raped Eun Ha. Seriously. I love the movie. The only problem is that I wanted more. The movie was short, and I felt like it should be longer, but the problem is that it was aired 4 years ago. So, okay. Can’t ask for more.

For this movie, I can give a 9/10 rating. It was really good and definitely worth watching.


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