We Broke Up


“Perfect mini-drama for the brokenhearted people.”

It is so hard to forget about someone who has been a big part of your life. It’s hard to get over a heartbreak when you know you’ll see that person again. But you know what’s the hardest part? It’s when you know you can’t avoid seeing that person everyday.

We Broke Up is a mini-drama by YG Entertainment starring Kang Seung Yoon of Winner, and Sandara Park of 2ne1. The drama is about two persons who just broke up, but couldn’t stay away from each other, because they happened to need to live together in the same apartment for few more months. The fact that they see each other everyday made it hard for both of them to move on and live their own ways. But maybe it was fate’s way of helping their relationship become stronger.

It is made of 12 exciting episodes, each consists of less than an hour. But that’s not a problem, since both of the characters made the drama perfect and not a dull one.

Short reaction for a short drama, but I guess it deserves a 9/10 rating.


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