Cinderella and Four Knights


“A modern version of Meteor Garden. Brings back the old times.”

It all started with Meteor Garden (Taiwanese). It was then followed by Hana Yori Dango (Japanese), and Boys Over Flowers (Korean). But this time, in Cinderella and Four Knights, the F4 feels was changed a bit. What didn’t change was the fact that the boys are from a rich family of Kang, and that the leading lady was from a poor family.

Cinderella and Four Knights is a Korean drama released in 2016, which is about Eun Ha Won, a girl from a low-class family, who first met one of the famous Kang Cousins – Kang Hyun Min, who’s greatly known for being a playboy. It all started when the latter needed to bring someone to his grandfather’s wedding ceremony, to obviously annoy the Chairman of Haneul Group, and his new wife. He met Eun Ha Won, who was delivering a pizza to a bar one night, and he thought of bringing her to the wedding, in exchange for money. And after that incident, Ha Won met the famous Kang Cousins – Kang Hyun MIn, Kang Seo Woo (a Kpop star), and Kang Ji Woon. At first, it was a smooth moment for Ha Won, until she was annoyed by Kang Ji Woon, who thought that all she cares about was money.

The storyline is a bit cliche for a drama, but the fact that this drama can make someone feel all kinds of emotions, is enough to say that this drama is still worth watching after all. There was no boring episode, and the flow of the drama was smooth and exciting. This drama has a great lineup of characters, and all of them are good actors, I must say.

For this drama, I can willingly give a 10/10 rating. Great job!


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