Friend Request


“Gave me a lesson — do not unfriend anyone. Lol.”

Before, I got to watch a hollywood film like this one. Well, I am definitely talking about Unfriended. This movie, Friend Request, was a bit similar to it when it comes to the plot, how the nightmare started, except for the ending.

This movie is about Laura, who met a very suspicious and weird girl named Marina. Laura has many friends, and she’s a bit famous in her school for being so friendly and accommodating. And because she is known for being friendly, Marina wanted to be her friend. Little did Laura know, Marina has a secret story. After they became friends on Facebook, Marina kept bothering Laura. She sent weird videos and even weird messages that made Laura unfriend her. And that’s how the nightmare started – when she was unfriended by her only friend in school.

While watching this film, I was also chatting with some of my friends. Meaning, this movie failed to make me focus on it. This movie failed to make me concentrate. Lastly, it was not even able to make me say WOAH. Yes, there were some shocking scenes, but those were not enough to make me feel amazed.

For this one, let me give a 6/10 rating. Not bad at all.


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