The Hardest Part


“It’s not letting go that is the hardest part in a relationship. It is holding on.”

Some people say that it is hard to let go. Maybe they don’t know how it feels like holding onto something that’s keeping you sad..broken..devastated. I guess it’s harder to hold on than to let go. Because holding on means keeping yourself away from happiness. It means letting the pain eat you. It shows hopelessness, helplessness, and loss of love for oneself. Why do we have to keep on holding on, when we can just let go of what breaks us?

1. LOVE. When we love someone so much, pain is nothing. Pain is useless. We become numb like we can’t feel anything. When we love someone so much, we become selfish. The saddest part is..we even forget about ourselves. We forget about what makes us happy. We forget about the truth that we need to fight for ourselves. We forget about equality. We mistreat ourselves like we are not worthy of anything. We forget that we should also think about ourselves. We forget about everything while we are holding onto something.

2. Memories. We find it hard to let go because of the memories that we’ve had with someone. We think about those moments that made us happy before. We think about those happy memories that used to keep our hearts alive. It’s hard to let it all go, right?  Whenever you imagine how happy you were before, you feel like you can’t lose it all. You can’t lose the memories. You can’t lose the person. But you don’t care if you lose yourself.

3. The person. You hold on to a relationship mainly because of the person involved in the matter. That person who used to make you smile everyday. That person who used to give you so much happiness. That person who used to say I love you when he wakes up, or before he sleeps. You feel afraid of losing that person, right? You are afraid to wake up every morning without a message from him. You are afraid to wake up each morning, realizing that he will never come back again. You are afraid to deal with the fact that the only possible option to free yourself from the pain is to let him go. That person you can’t stop thinking about. That person you can’t stop loving. That person who can’t even hold on with you. That person who was once the reason behind your smile, and now the reason behind the tears that you shed every night.

Stop holding on when you know that something or someone is breaking you into pieces. Love yourself, that’s the greatest advice that I could give. Love yourself, before you devote yourself to someone. And once you fall in love, don’t give your all. Save something for yourself. Don’t give 100% love, if you don’t want to receive 100% pain.


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