W – Two Worlds


“The drama that I thought wouldn’t end well.”

Since I am a great fan of Korean dramas, Korean films, and Korean music, it is obvious that I will give this movie a good rating. Now that I have finished the whole drama, I can now give some comments about it.

If you are fond of watching extraordinary series or surreal dramas, this one is perfect for you. This is a drama about a webtoon that has come to life. Oh Seong Moo, the main creator of the drama was the reason for the existence of W, a webtoon starring Kang Chul. He was the one who started the webtoon, which is published online and as books. He has a daughter, Yeon Joo, who was accidentally dragged into the webtoon one night, and met Kang Chul in person. Despite the differences between the two, they still fell in love with each other. Watch the drama to know more about it.

There are certain episodes which ended up as not-so-good episodes, and it really brought a big impact on the viewers. But the good thing here is, the writers and the producers were able to save the drama by creating better scenes. It was still a happy ending, so I guess there’s no problem at all. The drama made me smile, made me cry, and it even made me really, really, mad. W – Two Worlds has charisma, and I guess, the main reason is Lee Jong Suk, who really played his character very well.

I think it’s fair to give this drama an 8/10 rating. So far, it’s good, and still worth watching.


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