Never Gone


“Kind of boring, but interesting.”

I am not fond of watching Chinese movies nowadays, well maybe because I am into Korean dramas and Korean films. But tonight, I thought of watching something different. I looked into the list of and looked for a Chinese film, so I ran into this one. What made me watch this was Kris Wu, a former member of EXO.

The story is about..I don’t know. I didn’t really understand. Kidding. It is about a girl who met a rich guy. A little bit of cliche, but the point here is, in this story, the guy was the one who really tried his best to make the girl fall in love. Unlike in other romantic films, usually, it is the girl who is more interested to the guy. This one’s different in that part though. But I still didn’t get the whole thing even if there is a subtitle provided in the film.

Honestly, the first part of the movie was so boring, that it made me think if I should still watch it. But I had no choice, but to give it a try, since I am a fan of EXO, and I am curious of how Wu Yi Fan acts in a film. Well, this is definitely different from shooting music videos, so I really wondered how he is as an actor.So yes, the first part was so boring, but as I have gone along the next scenes, I felt interested and kind of hooked up to it. Ooops. Not so hooked up.

I just want to give comment about Kris Wu’s acting skills. Even before I decided to watch this one, I have seen some reviews about this movie, and most of the reviews that I saw, were negative ones. Some pointed out the plot, and most of the commentators criticized Kris Wu’s acting skills. I won’t deny the fact that Kris Wu’s acting is a little bit over. Maybe he was just trying to give his best, but it was too much. I hope that through the reviews for their film, he will realize that he needs to watch over his acting.

For this one, let me give a 7/10. Fair enough, I guess.


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