My Love from Another Star


“One of the most exciting and definitely on top of the Best Korean Drama List.”

Fictitious movies and dramas are the best. Such dramas make you imagine surreal things, and happenings that are so impossible to happen. If you are fond of magical things, and seeing powerful human beings, I would like to recommend this one to you.

This drama is about a famous but dumb Korean actress (Jun Ji Hyun), who met a hot guy (Kim Soo Hyun) who doesn’t even know that she is an actress. At first she thought that the guy was following her inside her condominium, but she was wrong – the guy was actually living in the same floor where her unit was. The guy was so mysterious, that whenever they meet, the actress looks at him suspiciously. Little did she know, the guy was from a different planet. Will she fall in love with someone who can’t stay on Earth forever? Watch it and see.

This is a drama that will make you laugh, smile, cry, and this can even make you feel annoyed. This will also make you fall in love with the second lead actor, but be careful. He might also make you cry a lot. The plot of the drama is perfect, that it will even make you watch it over and over again. The charisma of the main character will make you say, “Can someone please give me an alien as good-looking and as hot as him?”

And since I am honest enough to say that I have watched this drama for almost 20 times, I guess you understand why I will give this a 10/10 rate. Definitely a must-watch!


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