Made for each other, but not made to be together forever.

There are times when you feel like you already met the one..times when you feel like you can’t lose someone..times when you feel like you are the happiest person in the world..and times when you can say “I’m lucky to be loved by him.” The feeling of being in love gives you so much happiness. It makes you smile when you wake up every morning. It makes you feel strong and makes you keep going. But what if you already met the one, but he’s not meant to stay with you forever?

Windstruck is a movie about a guy who met an extraordinary girl in a very unexpected moment. The girl was a cop, and the guy was just a normal citizen, who then volunteered to help the cops in solving crimes and in catching criminals. It all started when the girl mistakenly arrested the guy, who was the one running after the snatcher that time. Not a cliche, right? And that’s what makes the story interesting. Oh no, don’t make me spoil.

This movie made me cry for so many times. At first I thought this was a really boring movie. I was not yet hooked by Korean dramas and Korean music when I watched this one, and this definitely gave me the reason to watch more Korean movies. Believe me, watching it is worth it. This movie has this power to make people laugh, smile, and most especially, cry. Well, that is just in my opinion. You can watch it if you want. 🙂 See it yourself. If you want to feel several emotions, I strongly recommend this one.

Let me rate this with 9/10.


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