How to learn Korean Language

Learning Korean is not easy. You have to be familiar with their rules in grammar; you have to focus on studying the simplest words that they have; you have to dedicate yourself in studying the language; and you have to be confident.

But to help you with learning Korean, let me give you some tips.

1. Start with the basic – Hangeul (Korean Alphabet). This is very essential when you are learning Korean language, and even other languages. You must start with learning how they write their words, because if you are going to skip this step, you will find it hard to learn the language


2. Use books and applications. This is very helpful. I started learning from phone applications that can be downloaded through Google Play or App Store. You can search for keywords like ‘Korean translation’ or ‘Korean dictionary’. You can also like 🙂 But for me, it is better to just download applications, since it is very portable, and not hassle to use.

3. Watch Korean movies or Korean dramas. This is one of the most helpful ways on how you can learn Korean language. By just listening to the actors’ expressions, you will learn basic and complex Korean phrases. And a must, when you are watching Korean films, is to watch it with subtitle, preferably set in your language. That will help you understand some complex phrases delivered by the actors.

4. Enroll in Korean lessons available online or in some universities. This is definitely the most helpful tip, but absolutely the most expensive one. Here, you can learn through face-to-face classes, which is easier since you can ask your teacher if you cannot understand something in the lesson.  But for those who don’t want to spend money in learning, just try the previous tips.

5. Download learning materials from the web. This is easy, but not all learning materials on the web are for free. You can search for FREE KOREAN LESSONS PDF. Or you can also search for other keywords. If you want, I have a document that I personally made from my other learning materials. Just send an e-mail to me:

If you are really willing to learn, you will do everything that I tipped above. Believe me, it is effective. One more tip is to find Korean friends, but it is hard to find Korean friends who are willing and who have time to help you.

Good luck on studying Korean language! Fighting!


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