Love, Rosie


“Sometimes, the right love comes at the wrong time.”

If you want a movie that will make your heart melt, and will make you think of what’s going to happen next, I’d like to recommend this movie.

This movie is about a girl and a boy who have been together since they were kids. If you are going to look at how they stare at each other’s eyes, you will feel the love between them. But they just grew up as bestfriends – they hid their feelings for so long.

What I like about this movie is its power to change my emotions. The characters are all good, the plot is excellent, the emotions are perfectly mixed up, and the movie itself is in really good quality. This movie will make you guess about the next scenes, and will make you think if they will end up together, or if they will just keep on hiding their feelings forever. Want to know what happened in the end? Watch it.

I will give it a 9/10 rating. Not perfect, but I definitely recommend it to you guys.





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